two cartoon people doing web design

About Boldfish

Boldfish is the trading name of Tony Crockford - that’s me.

I’ve been working as a freelance web design engineer since 1996.

I learned CSS when Internet Explorer 4 was still a thing and spent several years converting photoshop designs into clean pixel perfect layouts without using tables for layout.

Web standards are at the core of my work, and responsive design and accessibility are main features.

I’ve been using WordPress to build client sites over the last few years - it lends itself to quick builds and allows complex solutions by ‘standing on the shoulders of giants’ with sophisticated plugins and page builder themes.

This site is off that beaten track since it uses a static site approach - no online CMS, just HTML, CSS and some Javascript. I’m cheating as I’m making use of publii which allows me to use a local content management system running on macOS, more on publii elsewhere on this site as I plan to record progress and discoveries as I put all this together.

I’m still excited to build a new website after more than twenty years.